Interviews of Polish Victims of Nazi Persecutions

Interviews of Polish Victims of Nazi Persecutions

The United States Holocaust Museum is reaching out to Polish-Americans to find Polish victims of Nazi persecution. 

Staff from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will be presenting excerpts from its collection of testimonies about the Polish experience – including an interview with Jan Nowak, a resistance fighter in the Home Army during WWII.  The program will also include the presentation of documents about Polish victims contained in the Museum's records and its International Tracing Service (ITS) archives, and how to research information about individuals.  

The Museum is actively seeking testimonies from Poles and other victims who experienced Nazi persecution first hand, as well as artifacts, documents, photographs and films to teach the lessons of the Holocaust and to stand as evidence of what happened for ages to come.

The Museum maintains one of the largest Holocaust-related oral history archives in the world, with more than 12,500 interviews, including over 350 with Polish witnesses.  It is also the Americas repository for the ITS collection, which contains diverse information about the persecution and murder of Poles, Jews and other non-Jewish victims under Nazi rule, including listings of camp arrivals, forced labor documents, Polish Catholic marriage deeds, etc.  

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