Help Ukraine Now

Stand With Ukraine: For Your Freedom & Ours

Our namesake's motto was "For Your Freedom & Ours." Kosciuszko stood for liberty for all. Our Founder Stephen Mizwa from Southeastern Poland near Ukraine echoed these sentiments in establishing our foundation in New York.

Our primary mission will always be education and culture, but in times of despair, we must help those in pain. Russia is bombing homes and killing civilians in Ukraine. More than a million refugees fleeing for their lives have already crossed the border into Poland. Many more desperate women and children are right behind them. They need housing, food, clothing, etc.

That is why the Kosciuszko Foundation established a separate fund to accept donations to help our Slavic brothers in their time of need. Also, the proceeds from this year's ball will be donated to assist Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Poland.

The money we raise go directly into the hands of women and children who are escaping the bombing.

This is not the first time that the Kosciuszko Foundation is taking such action. During WWII, when Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia bombed Poland and imprisoned its people, the KF Board of Trustees acted to: "Give aid in those cases where the need is greatest."

Today we follow the vision of our founders.

Albert Einstein, a Kosciuszko Foundation guest, once said: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, because of those who look on and do nothing."

And so we stand with Ukraine.

To our Ukrainian brothers, we at the Kosciuszko Foundation are with you! We support your right to self-determination and sovereignty.


Alex Storozynski

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The Kosciuszko Foundation supports: 

The Folkowisko Foundation

See website and click HERE to see the informational material


Recipe for Independence Foundation

See website & remarks from US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski - click Here

To donate to the Ukraine Funda please click the link below: 

or write a check to the Kosciuszko Foundation, with a memo: Help for Ukraine, and send it to:

The Kosciuszko Foundation

15 E 65th Street

New York, NY 10065


We are particularly appreciative of the Kosciuszko Foundation affiliated communities across Poland that have been working with compassion to provide necessary assistance. 

Your contributions donated to The KF Help Ukraine Fund are allocated for immediate use in order to support their programs and enterprises. We are endlessly committed to delivering help today, tomorrow, and in the course of the upcoming months. We are continuously extending the number of associated organizations. Please sign up to our E-Newsletter to receive all updates on our operations. 

"The world has to wake up, the world has to realize what's happening here", said New York State Assemblyman Phil Ramos. Thank you for visiting Hruszów and for your words of support. We need to further build awareness and most importantly, help as many people as possible. Millions of refugees, predominantly women with children are waiting at the border in the freezing cold, need our urgent assistance. Our aid is crucial. By donating you are contributing to the survival and future of many.


See the photos that were taken at the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing Budomierz-Hruszow by KF President Marek Skulimowski. Click HERE to see the photo gallery. 

Photos from Marek Skulimowski, President of the KF made in Poland on the Ukrainian border.

The Kosciuszko Foundation collaborates with the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland on helping the Ukrainian refugees in Poland - Corporate Aid for Ukraine.